Lains Targets New Young Gun

Howard Kirby, owner of Lains Shooting School at Quarley, is on the lookout for more potential young guns to fill places on the next series of academy sessions. The classes will be running on three Saturdays in January, February, and March and Howard is again offering free places for youngsters aged 11 to 16 from the parishes of Quarley, Amport, and Thruxton.

“I have done this before with great results and I think it only fair to repay our neighbouring parishes, who are so good to us,” explained Howard.  “This time I am expanding the number of free places, with four available for each of the three parishes – each worth £132.  My only stipulation is that those who take up places must be able to attend all three sessions, which are around lunchtime.  Taking part teaches shooting skills, obviously, but also conveys the importance of discipline, safety, and working with others so enhances life skills, too.  It is also a very useful way of spotting talent with the Olympics approaching and the last series brought to light a youngster with England team potential.”

Youngsters interested in one of the free places should contact their parish council, other enquiries can be made to Lains on 01264 889467


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