Quarley News - February 2007

Christmas Trees

Many thanks to those of you who were brave enough to buy trees without first inspecting them. We hope you were pleased with them. They were all sold, and we raised over £300 for the Bell appeal.

Race Night

The Race Night was a huge success; the hall looked spectacular, the food was delicious, and everyone had a great time.  Nine races were run, the betting was really busy, the Tote paid out lots of money, and in the process we made £1,250 for improvements to the Village Hall, plus £441 through an auction for The Bell Appeal -  A grand total of just under £1,700.    Particular thanks to Ginnie and her team for the fabulous food, Charlotte and friends for running the bar, Diana & Ann for distributing the flyers, Melinda and her girls for decorating the hall, Joanna for the hysterical carrot table decorations and our dodgy-looking bookies Tony, Mike, David, Kit, Lou and Stuart.   Sincere thanks as well to everyone else who helped, to the Race Sponsors (Thruxton Circuit, Wiltshire Contractors, Catalina Foods, Charlton Road Garage, Flight Safety International & Peter Adams) and to all those who gave such generous auction prizes.

Church Lighting

By popular demand, we also organised the lighting of the tree and church again, and this year all the money once the electricity has been paid will go to the Bell appeal. Particular thanks to Stuart Stacey for the wonderful lighting, to Fox Farm for the lovely Christmas tree, and to all those who generously supported the idea with dedications. We even managed to raise more money than last year with a total of £775 which with Gift Aided donations, brings the grand Total to around £930.

Quarley Barbeque on 14 July ?

Whilst I’ve got your attention, is there any reason why the Quarley Barbecue shouldn’t be held on Saturday 14 July?  I’d be grateful if you could let me have any comments (positive or negative!) by e mail.

Thanks one and all for your support.   We’re a small village and it really does help when so many pull their weight.  - Tessa Tennant (e-mail tessa@uk.com)

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