Quarley Open Gardens and Plant Sale – Saturday 7 June 2014, 2pm to 5pm

6 MAY 2014 AT 2.00 pm


Welcome and Apologies.
Joanna Ferguson (JF)
Pam Gardner (PG)
Terri Gilbert (TG)
Sally Leech (SL)
Elisabeth Mason (EM) - Apologies
Kirsty Sherriff (KS) - Apologies
Ginnie Stacey (GS)
Amanda Toth (AT)

Judy Venables (JV)

2. Open Gardens.  Judy confirmed that she had sent round an aide-memoire about security precautions to take on the day.  She also provided an update on the situation regarding insurance using her own experience as an example, ie house insurance extended to provide Public Liability cover for 400 persons for the event for which the insurer had generously waived the premium in recognition that it was a “one-off” event for charity – their logo will be included in the programme.  All others opening their gardens were reminded of the need to ensure that they too had adequate insurance cover, and to offer their insurers the opportunity to have their logo in the programme.


3. Plant Sale.  Joanna provided an update on the Plant Sale.  She has delivered a note to everyone in the village asking for donations of plants.  

Light Refreshments/Teas.  The “Tea Gang” provided an update on progress with teas.  After some discussion it was agreed that:

·  The menu would comprise: Cream Teas; Strawberry teas; Children’s Teas (probably a Brownie and Squash);

·  Judy would send Amanda a template menu on which the detail could be filled in;

.  Burbidge’s are to be asked for a quote for producing 300 scones on the basis that, if it was <£0.50p per scone, it should be accepted (in order to provide scones of consistent shape and size, and to reduce the baking requirement by volunteers in the village).

Tea Gang



5. Cake Stall.  Amanda and Ginnie reported that several folk have volunteered to make a cake or two for selling on the Cake Stall.  

Scarecrow Competition.  Amanda provided an update on plans for the Scarecrow Competition.  After some discussion it was agreed that:

·            Amanda would draft an Entry Form based on what had been discussed and circulate it for comment;

·      Amanda would submit an advert for the June edition of the Parish Magazine;

·      Details would be included in the Programme;

·      Judging – would be undertaken by visitors by merely writing the number of their favourite ·       Scarecrow on a slip of paper – the winner would be the one with the most votes;

   ·       Prizes.  Whilst the competition was primarily aimed at children it was acknowledged that adults could (and possibly would) also enter so the prizes needed to be non-age specific.  It was suggested that the 1st Prize could be a £10 voucher from Waterstones or WH Smith, and the 2nd prize could be chocolates or similar.




7. Advertising/PR.  Sally gave an update on advertising.  She will be submitting copy about the event, plus a photo of a scarecrow being made, to the Andover Advertiser. SL

Raffle.  Judy gave an update on the Raffle:

·            Ticket sales to date had covered the costs of printing the tickets, envelopes and letter, and the flyers and posters.

·            The final list of prizes is on the website and will also be printed in the programme.

·            Sir George Young MP had agreed to draw the Top 6 prizes at 4.30pm (the other prizes having been pre-drawn after 4pm when ticket sales will cease).

·           Mike Venables will organise the raffle on the day.


Programme/Entry Ticket.  Judy showed a mock-up of the Programme and explained that it needed to go to the printers on 22 May 14 to start the proofing process.  Valerie Oxley and Christopher Walker had volunteered to join Mike Venables to sell programmes and raffle tickets.



Funding Issues.  After a discussion about floats and other funding matters it was agreed that:

·            Joanna would organise a £40 float for each of: programme sales; cake stall; and teas.  The raffle would use the same float as the programme sales.

·            Joanna would produce an outline total as soon as possible after the event so that Judy could inform the various people who had kindly donated raffle prizes.




On The Day.  There was a brief discussion about what should happen “on the day”:

·            Village Hall - has been booked for Friday 6 June for preparations; Ginnie agreed to open the Hall on both dates.

·            Car Parking – Stuart Stacey has kindly agreed to master-mind the car parking and will enlist the help of others to marshal the cars.

·            Signage – Joanna agreed to investigate how we might get the various signs laminated.  Afternote: Baie Heelas has kindly agreed to do this.

·            It was suggested, and agreed, that anyone helping at the event might like to have a look at the gardens on Friday 6 June as they would not get the opportunity “on the day”.









12. Any Other Business.  Judy reported that she had agreed that Di Haddon-Moore (a local artist) could sell her work in the Village Hall, and that Di had kindly agreed to donate 10% of her proceeds to the event.  
13. Date of Next Meeting.  It was agreed that the next meeting would be on Tuesday 3 June 2014 at 2pm at Drum Cottage. All

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