Amport-Grateley-Monxton-Quarley Parish News 

The Parish News is a monthly magazine for the four villages of Amport, Grateley, Monxton and Quarley. The circulation is currently about 580, and there are 10 editions per year.


Mr David Preston



Mrs Valerie Taylor



Mr David Eaglesham, Monxton


Distribution / Flyers:

Mr Michael Taylor, Amport



Mr David Eaglesham, Monxton


Village Distributors:

Mrs Taylor (Amport),
Mrs Richards (Monxton),
Mrs Leech (Quarley),
Mrs Wilson (Grateley),
Mr Ayres (E Cholderton)

Notes for Contributors

Articles and pictures for the magazine are always welcome. The deadline for input is the 14th of the month before the edition. Articles for forthcoming events should be included about a month or six weeks ahead, but more notice can be given in the Future Diary dates.

Please email articles and pictures to David Preston or Valerie Taylor at  If they are not acknowledged, please phone (01980 629689), because occasionally emails get lost. Most formats can be handled. Hand-written material should be sent to David Preston.

To get the best results, pictures should be sharp and as large as possible. Colour pictures will be converted to black & white because unfortunately we cannot afford to print colour.

2021 Subscription

The annual subscription remains at 2.00. If you would like a copy of the magazine, please contact the Distribution Secretary for your village, or one of the local distributors.


The magazine contains two types of advertisement 

  • On the cover pages. The cover pages are changed once a year, usually in May. To enquire, or book for next year, please contact David Eaglesham, on 01264-710338.
    The cost is 50 per year for a box 1/8 of A4 (87mm x 63mm) larger sizes are pro-rata. In addition, if set-up is needed, for new or changed adverts, there is a charge of 20.
  • Flyers included with the magazine. To enquire, please contact Michael Taylor, on 01264-772578. The advertiser must deliver about 580 copies of the flyer to Michael Taylor by the 20th of the month before the edition.
    The cost is 15.00 per month.

Non-profit community events are usually free.

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