St. Michael's Church, Quarley

St.Michael's Church, Quarley  Interior of Church

Church History

St. Michael's Church is in the Portway and Danebury Team, comprising the Parishes of West Andover, Amport, Monxton, Grateley, Over Wallop and Nether Wallop.

The church has no bell-turret or bellcote. The three bells hang from a wooden frame only a few feet high, on the North side of the church. There are more pictures and architectural notes by Astoft ( 

Services for July 2023

Sunday 9, 6.00 pm: Great Lives
Sunday 23, 9.30 am: Holy Communion

Services for August 2023

Sunday 13, 6.00 pm: Evensong
Sunday 27, 9.30 am: Holy Communion


The Bishop of Basingstoke blesses the Quarley Bells.

Installing Quarley Bells

Quarley bells will be heard again ten years after the devastating theft of two of its historic bells by mindless criminals. It has been a long, expensive and exhausting saga returning the bells to their rightful place. Whitechapel Bell Foundry recast them according to the original specifications. Then the question arose as to how best to rehang them so that they would be safe. All sorts of creative solutions were suggested in consultation with the village and a competition was held amongst the architectural students of the University of the West of England. Turning any of these into something acceptable to English Heritage, TVBC, the Diocesan Advisory Committee and other statutory bodies proved challenging and even when we reverted to a frame almost identical to the old one, the Bells Adviser was unhappy until we agreed to raise it all a bit higher! 

Many reams of paperwork and hours of frustrating meetings later, we are now proud to be able to show off our bells again in a beautifully constructed steel reinforced oak frame made by local craftsman Adam Rose. Most of the money has been raised locally, and more recently we have received a grant from Hampshire and the Islands Historic Churches Trust for which we are extremely grateful.

We are fortunate that the Bishop of Basingstoke will come to bless the bells and we hope that they will ring out for centuries to come as they did for countless people and occasions in centuries past.

Andover Food Bank

A reminder that there is a collection box for items of food in St. Michael's Church, Quarley. Next time you go to any shop/supermarket perhaps you could pick up the occasional extra item of food to donate to families that require help.

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Who's Who in the Church

Priest in Charge Rev Phili Good (07538 595537)
Licensed Lay Ministers: Geoff Wortley (01264 889426)
Church Wardens: Joanna Ferguson, Alison Thompson (contact for all Church information)


Honorary Secretary: Alison Thorne
Honorary Treasurer: John Norman
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