Quarley Village Fete Committee

July 2003 Update

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Thank you, thank you, thank you ! ! !

We had a very successful fete this year and raised a total profit of 2640.00.

The committee have had a meeting and discussed at length "what to do with the money" - the end decision being as follows:

A cheque for 1300.00 to be given to the Village Hall for the following purposes:

600.00 - contribution to general maintenance, oil, insurance, council tax, water rates & electricity, etc
300.00 - to fund a regular cleaner for the hall (this has mostly been done on a voluntary basis up until now)
400.00 - to go towards funding the new kitchen plans

A cheque for 1300.00 to be given to the Church for the following purposes:

600.00 - to redo the church path
100.00 - to pave the outside porch of the church
75.00 - to make a wooden wheelchair ramp for access into the church
300.00 - to make a new noticeboard for the church yard
225.00 - to go towards the commissioning of new wrought iron gates (allowing wheelchair access)

We hope everyone enjoyed themselves, and very much appreciate all the help, donations and work that so many people put into the whole weekend.

Putting on the Fete involves an enormous amount of work for all the members of the committee, and we have decided to make it a biannual event for the time being, with the Barbeque happening every year. On years when there is not a Fete, the Barbeque will be a bit bigger and involve more entertainment.

Ideas floated were as follows:

Entertainment: Bouncy castle, "cup & saucer" merry go round, walk-around magician, stilt walker Few stalls / extra fund raising items: Raffle, Guess name of something, small produce stall, small plant stall, sell helium balloons, palmonism card game.

We might get someone from outside to run the food element of the BBQ, ie have a hog roast for a change. This would mean selling tickets in advance for "eat as much as you like" food, and would also mean we could take orders for specific table sizes so that people could bring friends and know that their table of 4/6/8/10 was pre booked.

These are only ideas at the moment, but one way or another we will make it a fun evening to look forward to! We have agreed a date of Saturday 12th June 2004 - put it in your diaries and plan to bring lots of friends to the Quarley Mini Fun Fair Barbeque!

If you are interested in joining the committee please do contact Lois Opperman. Obviously next year (BBQ only) will not involve so much work, but we appreciate all the help we can get!

If you have any comments on the above please do let me know and thank you once more.



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