Quarley Barbeque and Fete - 2005

What a Wonderful Weekend !

Thank you for ALL your hard work, time and effort in helping to make this weekend the HUGE success it has been. I think the majority had a really good time, whilst happily raising funds for both the church and the village hall. We apologise to those we kept awake. . . . (but it was for a good cause! !).

The Barbeque was a wonderful village get together, dance and sing along! Tara Thompson was FANTASTIC. She brought the party together and got us all grooving along.

The Fete on Sunday has to be the hottest and best the village has seen. Thank you to everyone for all their efforts, be it manual or financial !! The village benefits all ways.

We thank Chris Pettit and Howard Kirby for standing in at the last minute. The four legged version of the dancing was in fact very popular and informative.

It was an enormous team effort. The end result was fantastic, and the proceeds will be split equally between the Hall and the Church. The profit figures are as follows:

Barbeque: 855.51
Fete: 998.44
Raffle: 1014.50
TOTAL 2868.45

Everything gets dull without a change every now and again. Tess Tennant has very kindly offered to take up the mantle and will be running the "Quarley Village Fete Committee" from now onwards.

Please go on supporting the fund raising events. . . . The village needs your support and it would be very dull not to have a really good community/village party every now and again.


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