A Quarley Parish Council Meeting is to be held on Tuesday the 18th of July 2023 in the Village Hall at 6pm

 At 6pm there will be a presentation to Mrs Joanna Ferguson for her many years as Chair of the Parish Council.

The Parish Council Meeting will start at 6.30pm.




1.    Welcome and Apologies  

2.    Parish Council Vacancies – Co-opt Mr Peter Doran onto Parish Council.

3.    Minutes of the previous meeting – Sign that they are correct.  

4.    Matters arising from those minutes:

War Memorial  

5.    Reports:



Pan Parish Forum  

6.    Finance.  

7.    Village Hall

Play Area

Resilience Project.  

8.    Planning – Thruxton Down Farm.  

9.    County, Borough and Parish Councillor’s Reports

10. Correspondence  

11. Members of the Public.  

12. Close of the meeting.  

13. Date of next meeting – 17th October 2023  


         Richard Waterman. Parish Clerk.


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