Quarley Parish Council Minutes - June 2004

Minutes of the Quarley Parish Council meeting held on 15th June 2004 in the Quarley Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Present: Cllr Mrs J Ferguson (Chairman)
Cllr Mr W Marshall (Vice Chairman)
Cllr Mrs G Tubbs
Cllr Mr M Venables
Richard Waterman - Parish Clerk
Borough Councillor Mr N Arnell
Mr Nigel Whitehead - WPB Planning
Members of the Public - 15 and PC Benton - Weyhill Police

Apologies: Cllr Miss L Cross.

Cllr Mrs Ferguson welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced Mr Nigel Whitehead from WPB Planning who had come to give a presentation on Frontage Infill Policy Area Designation - Home Farm Quarley.

Mr Whitehead stated that he and his client Mr Stewart Cross have been in discussion with Test Valley Borough Council in respect of the Frontage Infill Policy Area designation at Home Farm Quarley. The purpose of this presentation is to acquaint the Parish Council with these proposals before submitting them to Test Valley for possible inclusion in the Borough Plan.

These emerging proposals involve an extension to the existing frontage infill boundary to include an existing frontage plot in Quarley (from The Old School House to opposite Comer Cottage, please see attached plan). The proposals include measurers to extend the designated Important Open Area on the southwest periphery of this settlement.

Mr Whitehead spoke about moving the line of the designated Important Open Area that at present runs through the middle of a barn and the benefits this would have to the village.

Those present were doubtful of any benefits this would have to the village and expressed their views. The proposals put forward were not warmly received by those present and a heated discussion took place, resulting in the Chairman bringing the meeting to order on several occasions.

After approximately an hour of heated discussion the Chairman brought the presentation to a close as no agreement could be reached and stated that the Parish Council had other matters to discuss. Mr Whitehead stated that he would be happy to hold a site meeting with the Parish Council and the Test Valley Planners to discuss this matter further. The Chairman stated that she would talk to the Parish Councillors and Test Valley to see if they were in agreement and that the Clerk would contact Mr Whitehead with their decision.

Cllr Mrs Ferguson reported that Richard Joyce from Bric Developments Ltd had written to the Parish Council regarding the land described as Rear of Christopher Court.

Mr Joyce states that he has been in talks with Test Way Housing and has asked if they can purchase the land described as the rear of Christopher Court. Mr Joyce proposes to build a two storey building, the ground floor being a shop/convenience store and flat and the top floor being a flat, providing also residents and customers with parking access via Etwall. Mr Joyce has stated that if this proposal goes ahead he will convert the waste land area in front of 12/12a Etwall into hard standing parking free of charge.

Mr Joyce feels that the community of Quarley would benefit from these facilities, particularly those residents without transport. Mr Joyce feels that the store could also benefit local producers by way of an additional outlet for their local produce.

Cllr Mrs Ferguson stated that Mr Joyce has asked for the Parish Councilís support for these proposals. Cllr Mrs Ferguson also reported that she has received several letters of protest from residents of Etwall regarding these proposals.

This was discussed at great length with the public participating. Concerns were raised about the future of the Grateley Post Office and Shop if a shop was to open in Quarley. The feeling of those present at the meeting was against these proposals for development on this site.

The Parish Council discussed their response to Mr Joyce. The majority of the Parish Council felt that at this moment in time they were not prepared to support Mr Joyce's Proposals. The Chairman asked the Clerk to write to Mr Joyce with their decision.


Cllr Mrs Ferguson signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record. Matters arising from those minutes: -

PLANTING OUTSIDE THE VILLAGE HALL - Cllr Mrs Ferguson and Cllr Mr Marshall are working on the Planting Plan for the flowerbeds outside the Village Hall.

ROAD MIRRORS - The Clerk reported that the road mirrors are now in stock and should be delivered soon.

DOG FOULING ON THE VILLAGE GREEN - Not such a problem in recent months.

STREET LIGHTS - It was reported that No1 Street Light is not working properly and is sometimes off at night and on during the day, The Clerk will report this to the Lighting Department.

NEW NOTICE BOARD AND BUS SHELTER - Cllr Mrs Ferguson reported that the new Bus Shelter has been installed and that her husband is in the process of installing a bench. Mr Tubbs has installed Perspex panels to gaps in the top of the shelter to stop the wind and rain getting in. The old notice board is to be erected on the bus shelter.

Concerns about the suitability of the rubber matting have been expressed, Test Valley Borough Council have been consulted and once the grass has grown up through the matting and it has been cut a few times it should all settle down and prove very hard wearing, providing a non slip surface.

The Notice Board is now in use, a Perspex panel is to be installed on the back so that both sides can be used. Paving slabs are to be laid to provide a clean walk way around the notice board and the area is to be landscaped. The Clerk has asked the Post Office if they would please give the Post Box a fresh coat of paint.

FOOTPATHS - The Parish Council hope to walk the Village Footpaths and have a full report on their condition for the next meeting. This will then be forwarded on to Hampshire Paths.

ROOKS - Cllr Mrs Ferguson reported that the result of the recent survey in the village on whether to hold a "Rook Shoot" were 50/50 spilt. It has therefore decided not to hold a "Rook Shoot" to cull their numbers.

WAR MEMORIAL - Cllr Mrs Ferguson reported that the lower chains around the War memorial have been removed to ease mowing and are hung in her garage.

HIGHWAY DRAINS AND GULLIES - The Clerk reported that Mr Pearce has cleared the road gullies between Quarley and the Grateley Parish Boundary.

Cllr Mrs Ferguson reported that the drain on the comer of Park Lane is still proving a problem every time it rains. A new Area Surveyor for the test Valley Area has been appointed and he will be contacted to see if he can sort the problem out before the winter sets in.

PLANNING - There were no Planning Applications.

CHEQUES - No cheques were issued at the June Meeting.

The Parish Council was thanked for the newsletter that is produced by the Clerk before every meeting; it lets the village know the gist of what is going on.

Cllr Mrs Ferguson thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.

DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING - September 21st 2004 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

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