Quarley Parish Council Minutes - December 2004

Minutes of the Quarley Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 8th December 2004 in the Quarley Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Present : Cllr Mrs J Ferguson (Chairman)
              Cllr Mr W Marshall  (Vice Chairman)
              Cllr Mrs G Tubbs
              Cllr Miss L Cross
              Cllr Mr M Venables
              Richard Waterman Parish Clerk
              Members of the Public 3

Apologies : Cllr Mr N Arnell Borough Council.

Cllr Mrs Ferguson welcomed everyone to the meeting.

MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING Cllr Mrs Ferguson signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record. Matters arising from those minutes :-

VILLAGE HALL Cllr Mrs Ferguson reported that she hoped to have more information on the planters for outside the Village Hall for the next meeting.

ROAD DRAINS Hampshire Highways have not confirmed their intentions to sort out the problem with the drain on the corner of Park Lane. The Clerk reported that Mr Brian Pearce has cleared the gullies in the village ready for the onslaught of winter.

HIGHWAY MIRRORS The Clerk reported that the insurance company have confirmed that an increase in the policy to cover the theft of the mirrors would be in the region of 35. The Clerk also reported that any claim would be subject to a 100 excess. As the mirrors are under 80 this does not seem cost effective. 

The Parish Council agreed and felt it would be more prudent to make the mirrors difficult to remove. Cllr Mrs Ferguson reported that she now had the mirrors and that her husband will be fixing them in position shortly.

FOOTPATHS Cllr Miss Cross reported that the stiles on Footpath No2 has been repaired. Cllr Mrs Tubbs reported that some Horse Riders are using the footpaths without regard for walkers, an incident occurred recently leaving the walkers shaken. This was noted by the Parish Council. The Clerk was asked to include this in the next News Letter.

It was reported that a Footpath Sign is needed to inform people that Footpath 13 connects to Footpath No1. The Clerk will contact Hampshire Paths on this matter.

CYCLISTS EVENTS IN THE VILLAGE Cllr Mrs Ferguson reported that she will talk to Mr S Cross to offer the Parish Councils help in organising and policing future Cycle events.

STREET LIGHTS Number one street light is now working, the  Street Lighting Department has at long last sorted out the problem.

The Clerk reported that Mr Nigel Whitehead had contacted him early in November 2004 concerning the minutes form the June Parish Council meeting that were on the Web Site. Mr Whitehead stated that he felt they were not a true record of the meeting and did not look favourably on his company. Mr Whitehead demanded that the minutes be removed from the web site immediately and mentioned legal action.

The Clerk spoke to the Chairman and asked for advice from Test Valley and Borough Councillor Mr N Arnell. The minutes were removed from the Web Site to be discussed at this meeting.

Cllr Miss L Cross declared an interest in this matter although she was not directly involved and would not take part in any discussion on this issue. 

The Parish Council all agreed that the minutes gave a good account of that meeting. The Clerk was asked to contact Mr Whitehead asking him to put in writing his objections to the minutes. If no reply is received the minutes will be reinstated on the web site.

The Clerk produced a financial report showing the estimated results for the Year Ending 31/3/2005 and the Budget forecast for the Year Ending 31/3/2006.

Each item was discussed and it was agreed to start building up a reserve in the Parish Council funds. The Parish Council had no precept in 2002/2003 and 900 in 2004/2005.

Cllr Mrs Ferguson stated that keeping the grass cut, gullies clear, road mirrors and other jobs has put a strain on the parish funds, however many favourable comments have been received from residents on the state of the village. Cllr Mrs Ferguson asked the Parish Council if they wished to continue with this expenditure or go back to relying on volunteers to the work? 

The Parish Council felt that the village was looking better and that many of the recent expenses were one off payments and the level of work needed should level off. It was agreed to set the precept at 2500 for the Year Ending 31/3/2006.

TVN.0845 Erection of detached double garage/workshop/store and erection of new gates 
                  and wall to front entrance (amended scheme) Hill House, Skew Road, 
                  The Parish Council had NO OBJECTION to this Planning Application.

TVN.09278 Extension of residential curtilage to construction of tennis court and erection 
                    of associated fencing. Ash House, Quarley Down Cottages, Cholderton Road
                    Cholderton, Quarley.
                    The Parish Council had NO OBJECTION to this Planning Application.

TRE.CA.00594/36 Walnut tree Reduce and thinned by 15% - 20% - Bridge Cottage,
                             Quarley, Andover. The Parish Council had NO OBJECTIONS.


CLLR MRS J FERGUSON Reported that there is a dead tree in the area to the right of the Notice Board, this will be cut down and removed. Cllr Mrs Ferguson reported that there is a healthy Cherry Tree in the same area but unfortunately this tree is being smothered by ivy, the ivy will be cut back to give the tree a chance to flourish.

Cllr Mrs Ferguson spoke about the problems Monxton are having with large lorries trying to negotiate the narrow road through the village. Several Planning Applications have been received by Test Valley Borough Council from businesses in the Monxton area wishing to expand. Concerns about the increase in H.G.V. movement through Monxton and the surrounding villages was discussed at a recent Monxton Traffic Calming Group meeting. It was suggested at the Monxton Traffic meeting that Test Valley are approached by each Parish Council to ask that a 20MPH speed limit be imposed through villages.

Cllr Mrs Ferguson spoke about the Village Salt Bin, the Clerk was asked to contact Hampshire Highways to request that this is filled with salt.

The Quarley sign has been knocked down on the bend coming from Grateley direction.

CLLR MISS CROSS Reported that the verge by Bridge Cottage is being eroded away and there is a lot of mud on the road. It was thought that this has been caused by vehicles visiting Bridge Cottage parking on the road, other vehicles have to use the verge to get passed. It was suggested that cars visiting Bridge Cottage park in the Village Hall car park.
Cllr Mrs Ferguson will have a word with the new owners of Bridge Cottage to suggest this.


MR MORRIS Reported that the Countryside Commission have re-designated Quarley Hill as Agricultural Land with No Public access. Mr Morris was disappointed that the Countryside Commission have made this decision and stated that he strongly feels that there should be a public path to Quarley Hill. Mr Morris feels this decision should be overturned and asked if the Parish Council would write to the Countryside Commission to support this.

The Parish Council discussed this and had mixed feelings on the issue of Open Space and the right of access to members of the public. Cllr Mrs Ferguson felt that a footpath to the top of Quarley Hill would be most welcome. It was pointed out that land Owner is not in favour of this suggestion. Cllr Mrs Ferguson asked the Parish Council to vote on whether to write to the Countryside Commission giving support for a footpath to the top of Quarley Hill. The Parish Council voted, the result was 3 for and 2 against. The Clerk was asked to write to the Countryside Commission.

Mr Morris spoke about the speed the grain lorries travelled through the village on the way to Fox Farm. This was discussed and the Clerk was asked to write to Mr James Dockery of Fox Farm asking him please raise this matter with his haulage contractors. The Clerk was also asked to copy the letter to Test Valley Planning Department.


March 22nd
June 21st 
September 20th 
November 22nd 


District Audit                        Yearly Audit of Accounts                       58.75
Mr B Pearce                         Grass Cutting and Village Maintenance   70.00

Cllr Mrs Ferguson thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.


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