Quarley Parish Council Minutes - September 2005

Minutes of the Quarley Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 20th September 2005 in the Quarley Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Present : Cllr Mrs J Ferguson – Chairman
Cllr Mr W Marshall – Vice Chairman
Cllr Miss L Cross
Cllr Mrs G Tubbs
Cllr Mr M Venables
Richard Waterman – Parish Clerk
Borough Councillor Mr N Arnell
Members of the Public – 5
Apologies : Dr Simon Roffey from the University College Winchester.

The Parish Council have been contacted by Dr Simon Roffey a Lecturer in Archaeology at University College Winchester, who has a specific interest in the medieval period particularly the church and the development of the settlements. From 2006 Dr Roffey as part of the practical element of the undergraduate modules is looking to focus on local Hampshire settlements and has identified some potentially interesting sites, Quarley being one of them.

Dr Roffey informs the Parish Council that any research work carried out would hopefully benefit the village in providing a bit more information about the place that you live and the history of the community and could be an exciting opportunity.

Any form of archaeological work would initially be non-intrusive. That is to say it would comprise such methodologies as landscape studies, geophysics, earthwork and building surveys looking at maps and records.

The Parish Council hoped that Dr Roffey would be able to attend another Parish Council Meeting to give his presentation.

Cllr Mrs Ferguson welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Cllr Mrs Ferguson signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record. Matters arising from those minutes :-

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH – Cllr Mrs Ferguson was disappointed that no further progress on re-launching the Neighbourhood Watch has been made. The Clerk was asked to invite PC Benton to the December Meeting so this can be discussed.

ROAD MATTERS – The Clerk reported that Hampshire Highways stated that permission may well have been given for the highway markers on the verge when leaving the village, but could not confirm this. However they were surprised at how many makers have been installed and will be looking into the matter.

The state of the village road signs were discussed, it was felt that they all need a good clean and it was felt that Hampshire Highways are dragging their heels in getting this done. The Clerk was asked to contact Hampshire Highways again to request that the road signs be cleaned.

STREET LIGHTING – No 1 street light has been on all day and has been reported to the Lighting Department.

PLANNING – Nothing to report.


CLLR MRS G TUBBS – Reported that she has received complaints from a few parishioners regarding children playing on the War Memorial, they feel that this is disrespectful and that parents should be aware of the significance of this memorial and not allow their children to clamber all over it.

The Parish Council were dismayed to hear this and discussed the matter. It was decided that Mr Jack Cullan, a local stone mason, will be asked to look at the War Memorial and give a detailed report on its condition and quote for any repairs or refurbishment.

A note asking parents to please not allow their children to play on the War Memorial will be placed on the Notice Board and in the bus shelter. This will also be mentioned in the next Parish Council News Letter.

CLLR MRS J FERGUSON - Reported that new footpath sign posts are needed at the bottom of the drove. The Clerk will contact Hampshire Paths to ask for new Footpath Marker Sign Posts.

Cllr Mrs Ferguson spoke about the state of the Village Roads in particular the road between Quarley Manor Farm and Quarley Wood House. Tree roots are breaking up the road and need attention. Cholderton Road has a bump that also needs attention.

The speed of cars through the village and traffic calming measures were discussed. Cllr Mr Arnell pointed out that traffic calming measurers especially speed bumps have to have the associated street lighting as a package. The Parish Council felt that the village would not want additional street lighting so this closed this avenue of thought.

The owner of Mount View reported that tree roots are also causing problems in the road outside her property and hoped that the road could be sorted out without damaging the tree.

The Parish Council felt that the Highways Department need to come into the village and look at these problems, the Clerk was asked to arrange a site meeting with the Area Surveyors Department.

Cllr Mr Arnell reported that a Memorial Service is to be held for Margo Townsend in Romsey on the 7th October 2005.

Cllr Mr N Arnell spoke about the South East Plan, further documentation from Hampshire County Council is due to be delivered to every house on this issue.

The Parish Council were asked if there was any further progress on the street sign for Duck Lane? it was agreed some time ago that a name plate would be displayed.

Mr Morris pointed out that historically the spelling was “DUX” not “Duck”.

The Parish Council felt that if the spelling was “Dux” and not “Duck” as thought, residents of Park Lane must be informed before displaying the alternative name plate. Cllr Mrs Tubbs said she would look into the history of the name and report back to the Chairman with her findings before residents are informed.

Mr Morris reported that he had no further news on public access to Quarley Hill. Four Authorities have been looking at the request for public access, English nature being one of them, they feel that the site is of special interest and are not keen to back proposals for public access. Mr Morris will keep the Parish Council informed of any progress.

The Parish Council were asked if there was any news from Test Valley Borough Council on the proposals put forward by WPB Planning regarding Quarley in the Borough Plan?

The Clerk reported that he had been informed that the Inspectors decision on changes to the Borough Plan will be given to Test Valley Borough Council by the end of the year. This was confirmed by Cllr Mr Arnell.

The Clerk reported that he had received the following email from Mr Geoff Futcher.

I would like to ask you to raise a Item at your next Parish Council Meeting, this being the bus shelter, Tony Futcher uses this shelter every day, which is probably more than most wouldn’t you say. And I think you all must have wondered when this shelter was moved, is any one going to get wet under foot, is the grass going to get soft and slippery, well the answer is yes to them all.

I have had a call from Social Services to say that when Tony gets to the Men cap Centre his trousers and feet are quite wet, and has to remain in those clothes and shoes for hours. The old bus shelter had a solid base to it, but this one only appears to have a couple of duct boards, and the grass is growing through those. As Tony's guardian and Power of Attorney can we ask you please to try and fund a solid floor and path to the road so that passengers for the bus can keep dry. Also the Social Service person remarked that if a passenger was in a wheel chair how would they get up over the kerb stone and how would they travel on the grass may be you can look at it before the end of the summer . Thank You.

The Parish Council noted this and asked the Clerk to contact Mr Pearce to ask him to give the grass an extra cut. The Clerk was also asked to contact Hampshire Highways to ask if they would drop the kerb.


Mr B Pearce Grass Cutting and Ditch Clearing £215.00
R.N. Waterman ½ Year wages and Expenses £195.00
Mr Ferguson Hardware for erecting Road Mirrors £18.50

CLOSE OF THE MEETING. Cllr Mrs Ferguson thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.

DATE OF THE NEXT PARISH COUNCIL MEETING - 22ND November 2005 in the Quarley Village Hall at 7.30pm

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