Quarley Parish Council Minutes - March 2007

Minutes of the Quarley Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 20th March 2007 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Present : Cllr Mrs J Ferguson - Chairman
Cllr Mr W Marshall - Vice Chairman
Cllr Mrs L Hill
Cllr Mrs G Tubbs
Cllr Mr M Venables
Richard Waterman - Parish Clerk
Member of the Public - Mrs J Venables
Apologies : Borough Councillor Mr N Arnell and County Councillor Mrs P West.

WELCOME. Cllr Mrs Ferguson welcomed everyone to the meeting.

MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING - Cllr Mrs Ferguson signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record. Matters arising from those minutes :-

ROAD MATTERS - It was reported that there is a large Pot Hole by the ‘Dolls House’ and the verge on the parish border with Grateley - on the sharp left hand bend by the drove - is being eroded away due to the overhanging vegetation on the opposite side. The Clerk was asked to report these matters to Highways.

It was also noted that no work has yet been carried out to the drain in Pond Lane.

LAINS SHOOTING SCHOOL - Cllr Mr Venables reported that Mr Howard Kirby got his Planning Permission for Lains Shooting School with conditions. Mr Kirby is continuing work on making the sound proofing measurers permanent. The Parish Council thought this very good news.

Cllr Mrs Ferguson reported that she has received a letter from Mr Kirby regarding a ‘Young Guns Academy’.

Lains Shooting School are to encourage a group of youngsters to try their hand at Clay Pigeon Shooting. Members of the academy will be taught Shotgun Safety and Awareness, Etiquette and the skill needed to become safe and accomplished shot.

They will be guided by professional Shooting Instructors and encouraged to succeed. The group will meet on a monthly basis and parents will be encouraged to observe the training sessions. All guns, clays, cartridges and safety equipment will be provided.

The Parish Council have been asked to identify any boys or girls in the parish who are aged between 10 and 14 who might be interested.

The Parish Council discussed this and identified a couple of children who they thought might be interested. It was agreed that it would be best to first speak to the parents concerned before taking this matter to the next stage.

FOOTPATHS - The Parish Council discussed the route of Footpath No1, the feeling was that as long as the footpath is walkable and kept open, the route alongside the field is acceptable to walkers.

Cllr Mrs Ferguson declared an interest and did not take part in any discussion about this Planning Application.

Internal alterations - Moving Staircase - Thatchway, Park Lane, Quarley. The parish Council had NO OBJECTIONS

Cllr Mrs Ferguson stated that Quarley needed to hold another Village Meeting to discuss the results of the Village Survey and the way forward. The matter was discussed and it was agreed that a date in May would be set.

The Clerk reminded the Parish Council that their 4 Years in Office is coming to end and that Borough and Parish Council elections will be held on May 3rd 2007. The Clerk handed out nomination papers. The Parish Councillors all said they will be standing again except Cllr Mrs L Hill who has moved out of the parish and is not now eligible to stand as a Parish Councillor in Quarley.

Cllr Mrs Ferguson thanked Lucinda for all the hard work and wealth of village knowledge she has brought to the Parish Council.

The Parish Council briefly discussed the recent article in the Andover Advertiser about the proposed large Tesco Distribution Centre at the Andover Air Field Site. A Local Action Group has been set up and all the surrounding Parish Councils will be updated on any progress.

Borough Councillor Mr T Southern has sent word that there will be a lot of consultation on issues of access to and from the site, visual impact, access to and from the A303 and an Environmental Assessment will have to be undertaken. Cllr Mr Southern stresses that there has not been a Planning Application submitted to Test Valley Borough Council at this stage.


CLLR MRS TUBBS - Reported that many of the villagers have complained about the flooding under the A303 Flyover after heavy rain. The water gets quite deep and a few people have had trouble with their cars as a result. The matter was reported to the Highways Agency at the time but the Clerk was asked to write to both Hampshire County Council and the Highways Agency.

CLLR MRS FERGUSON - Reported that the Bus Shelter Notice Board had been vandalised and replaced with anti-vandal bolts!

Cllr Mrs Ferguson reported that several of the road drains in the village need clearing out after the winter months and asked the Clerk to report this to Highways.

Mrs J Venables spoke about The Drum and the repairs that will be carried out to the track to improve the surface and to repair damage done by contractors during the renovation of Drum Cottage.

It is intended to scrap off the top surface of The Drum down to a point that provides a sufficiently hard level surface onto which scalpings will be laid, a covering of 20mm shingle will then be laid on the scalpings .

The re-surfacing work will be done from Drum Cottage to the entrance of Orchard House, scalpings will also be put in the potholes from Orchard House to the main lane to improve that portion of The Drum.

The Parish Council thought that this was going to improve The Drum no end and looked forward to seeing the end result. Cllr Mrs Ferguson thanked Mrs Venables for her report.

The Clerk reported that he had received an email from Geoff Futcher regarding the long grass and the high kerb by the Bus Shelter and the problem this causes for bus users wishing to use the shelter especially after rainfall.

The Parish Council discussed this and felt all they could do was request the Hampshire Highways look at the kerb and ask Mr Pearce to cut the grass more frequently.


Mr Brian Pearce Grass Cutting and Ditch Clearing £80.00
District Audit Annual Audit Fee £58.00
David Preston Web Site Fees £42.25


H.A.P.T.C. Subscription  £82.00
Richard Waterman ½ Year Wages £225.00

Cllr Mrs Ferguson thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.

19th June 2007 in the Quarley Village Hall at 7.30pm.

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