Quarley Parish Council Minutes - 18th June 2013

Minutes of the Quarley Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 23rd September 2013 at Quarley Village Hall at 7.30 pm.

Present : Cllr Mrs J Ferguson - Chairman
Cllr Mr W Marshall - Vice Chairman
Cllr Mr M Venables
Mr R Whiting
Richard Waterman - Parish Clerk
Mrs J Venables - Neighbourhood Watch
County Councillor Mrs P West
Members of the Public - Mr and Mrs Stacey
Apologies: Cllr Mrs G Tubbs
Cllr Miss C Cross
Borough Councillor Mr Ben Few Brown

WELCOME. The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Cllr Mrs J Ferguson declared an interest in the Quarley Church

An alteration was made to the Neighbourhood Watch - “Cllr Mrs J Ferguson reported that there was a recent attempted burglary in Park Lane, the Police are still investigating the incident.” The Chairman then signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record. Matters arising from those minutes :- 

HIGHWAYS - Hampshire County Council have repaired the majority of the pot holes in the parish. The bank of gravel on the way to Grateley has still not been cleared and it was noted that the surface of the road leading to the B3084 junction at Grateley is in a poor condition. This will be reported to Highways (After Note: the area in need of attention is actually in the parish of Grateley). 

Cllr Mr W Marshall reported that there is a large pot hole on the side of the road on the sharp bend outside Quarley Manor. 

Mrs J Venables reported that one of the patched pot holes is starting to breakup and will need attention, the pot holes position was given so it could be reported to Highways. 

Cllr Mrs P West stated that she will speak to Steve Spender who is the officer in charge of Highways about the build up of gravel on the road to Grateley. Cllr Mrs P west reported that Hampshire have invested in new repair vehicles that hot fill and seal the pot holes, repairs should now last longer.  

Cllr Mr W Marshall reported that the TVBC road sweeper had been in the village and swept the roads just before the harvest, the road verges are now full of hay. TVBC will now need to come back and repeat the exercise. 

PLAY AREA - The results of the recent Village Design Statement questionnaire listed the Play Area 2nd from bottom in order of importance. The Parish Council decided that as the Play Area was not of importance to those who completed the questionnaire they would not pursue the project at this moment in time. 

Mr R Whiting read out the results of the Village Design Statement questionnaire. A copy is attached to the minutes. 

Mr R Whiting reported that in the region of 65 questionnaires were distributed and 43 were completed and sent back. Several additional areas need to be covered to complete the Village Design Statement - including the history of the parish and an archaeology record of the buildings. Cllr Mr M Venables stated that he would be happy to undertake the history of the parish. 

Mr R Whiting stated that once the Village Design Statement is complete it will be sent to Mr Bibby at TVBC for his comments before going out to the village for consultation. 

The Chairman wished to thank the Village Design Team - Mr Richard Whiting, Mr Charles McClea, Mr Michael Thorne and Mr Brian Morris.  

The Clerk reported that the Accounts for the year 1st April 2012 to 31st March 2013 have been signed off by the Auditor. The Audit have raised the following point. 

The Jubilee Celebrations should have been recorded under Section S145 not section 137. This was noted for future reference. There is no charge for the Audit this year. 

Balance Brought Forward 1/4/2013 552.18
Plus precept 2,250.00
Wages 500.00
Administration 100.00
Audit 90.00
Street Lighting 90.06
Web Site 43.10
Grass Cutting and Ditch Clearing 225.00
Village Maintenance 57.00

Bank Account Balance 23/9/13




Mr R N Waterman ½ Year office Allowance and Expenses £100.00
Mr B Pearce Grass Cutting and Village Maintenance £192.00

The Clerk reported that he has checked the Parish Council Insurance and confirmed that if the Planned Open Garden event for 2014 is brought under the Parish Council’s umbrella the Public Liability will cover the event for £10 Million. However once the public are in the open gardens they are not covered and the house holder must make sure they have the correct insurance under their home policy.
Mrs J Venables thanked the Clerk for this information and this will be considered when organising the event.



- Prune 1 Juniper, fell 1 Ash and 1 Sycamore - 12C Etwall, Quarley.
The Parish Council had NO OBJECTIONS to this planning application.


- Two storey side extension creating a garage and diner with en-suite and a first floor rear extension to provide enlarged bedroom - 5 Etwall.
The Parish Council had NO OBJECTIONS to this planning application

The Parish Council discussed the highway mirrors that they installed many years ago, one needs replacing. It was agreed that the round mirror at the Park Lane junction will be moved to replace the one further up and a different shaped mirror will be sourced for the Park Lane Junction as the round one has a blind spot.

Mrs J Venables gave the following report :-

  • Within Quarley very few incidents have been reported.

  • With regard to the attempted burglary in Park Lane in June - it is understood that the police found the vehicle but could not identify the occupants.

  • There was a sighting of another vehicle acting suspiciously up the drovers track in mid August. This time the police were able to track it down as we were able to give them the VRN and it was reported that it was "of interest" to both Hampshire Constabulary and Wiltshire Police.

  • The recent siting of portaloos in Bush Road proved to be innocuous as they were associated with the Hawk Conservancy's sponsored walk. However, it is great that folk are reporting stuff that seems out of the ordinary.

  • Across the wider rural area there continue to be thefts from outbuildings and sheds, and some reports of theft of heating oil - presumably because folk are now getting their tanks filled in advance of the colder weather arriving.

  • Poaching incidents are also increasing as the harvest is underway.

Cllr Mrs P West was pleased to report that Hampshire County Council are concentrating on getting the rural roads repaired and are working their way around the villages. Cllr Mrs P West spoke about her recent trip to the depot at Totton to look at the new gritting equipment - the visit was very interesting and informative! HCC are reviewing their gritting routes and aim to include more of the rural roads and this will include the roads through Quarley.

Cllr Mrs P West reported that Hampshire County Council are to review their Flooding Policy and are working closely with Amey, HCCs highways contractor, to ensure that repairs are carried out correctly. Cllr Mrs West suggested that the Parish Council keep an eye on their grit bins to make sure they are filled before the start of winter.

Cllr Mrs P West spoke about the Hampshire Old Drivers Initiative

CLLR MRS J FERGUSON - Spoke about cutting the ivy of the village trees. Mr R Whiting reported that he has cut the ivy off three trees but was surprised to find that ivy is still growing on one of them.

Mrs J Venables spoke about the proposed Open Garden Event to be held on the 7th June 2014. This will also include a Plant Sale and Teas.

Mrs Stacey was unclear on the situation of the proposed Play Area project and asked for clarification. The Chairman confirmed that at this moment in time the Parish Council would not be pursuing the provision of swings on the Village Green as a result of the recent Village Questionnaire. 

The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.

19th November 2013 in the Quarley Village Hall at 7.30pm

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