Quarley Parish Council Minutes - 20th January 2015

Minutes of the Quarley Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 20th January 2015 at Quarley Village Hall at 7.30 pm.

Present : Cllr Mrs J Ferguson - Chairman
Cllr Mr W Marshall - Vice Chairman
Cllr Miss C Rowe
Cllr Mr M Venables 
Mr R Whiting
Borough Councillor Mr Ben Few Brown
Richard Waterman - Parish Clerk
David Dean - INRG Solar
Members of the Public - 7
Apologies: Mrs J Venables - NHW

WELCOME. The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Cllr Mrs J Ferguson declared an interest in the Quarley Church
Cllr Mrs C Rowe declared an interest in Home Farm

14/03017/FULLN - installation of 5MW ground mounted photovoltaic solar arrays with transformer stations; internal access track; biodiversity enhancement; landscaping; stock fencing; security measures; access gate; and ancillary infrastructure - Land at Lains Farm, Quarley.

Mr David Dean from INRG Solar addressed the meeting to confirm details of the planning application.

  • The application lasts for 25 years (plus 6 months to build and 6 months to de-commission the site).
  • Access will no longer be from Bush Lane and will now come off the Old A303, under the bridge and into the entrance opposite Project Workshops.
  • During construction there will be 5 heavy goods vehicle movements a day for at least 3 months.
  • Traffic movements will be restricted to working hours - 9am - 5pm.
  • Substantial planting will be done to blend the site into the countryside.
  • The applicant will have the responsibility for any road repairs needed during construction.
  • The countries power stations can not cope with the demand and potential power cuts are predicted for the future as the grid is stretched to capacity. The Government are encouraging solar farms to assist with powering the country.

The Parish Council and members of the Public raised the following issues :-

  • Walkers will be able to see the proposed Solar Farm from certain footpaths.
  • Concerns have been raised about traffic movements.
  • Questions were asked about the positioning of the solar panels and it was stated that they would not be so visible if they were placed along the side of the A303.
  • The problem with flooding under the A303 bridge was raised.
  • Concerns that this project may have a detrimental affect on the Shooting School and assurances were requested that Howard has been consulted.

Mr Dean assured the meeting that Howard Kirby has been briefed and has no objections, the solar farm will not have a detrimental effect on the Shooting School.
Mr Dean stated that the solar panels could not be placed along the side of the A303 as the
land is not owned by the person who they are doing business with.
Mr Dean stated that although the site is actually in Amport parish INRG Solar is offering a Community Grant of 10,000 to Amport and Quarley. This grant will be paid direct to the Parish Councils and will not go through TVBC under a 106 Agreement. This will be confirmed in writing to both Parish Councils.
Mr Dean will send a copy of the transport survey to the Parish Council.
Mr Dean stated that if any parishioners wished to raise issues he was more than willing to speak to them. 

The Chairman thanked Mr Dean for coming. 

The Parish Council discussed the Planning Application at length. It was agreed that they will OBJECT on the following reasons :- 

The Chairman signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record. Matters arising from those minutes :- 

HIGHWAYS - Additional potholes have now appeared and have been reported on the HCC web site. It was hoped that the site meeting with Highways would happen soon. It was noted that the deep pothole by Quarley Manor has been repaired, but it was felt that this looks like a temporary repair and will soon be a pot hole again. 

STREET LIGHTS - The Clerk reported that Julian Higgins from HCC Street Lighting has apologized for the fiasco with the missing street light, a replacement will be erected soon.
The Parish Council will receive a refund for the electricity and maintenance costs for the time the street light has been out of service. 

VILLAGE DESIGN STATEMENT - Mr R Whiting spoke about the Village Design Statement and the response fro Mr Davis Bibby at TVBC. There seems to be little support from the Planners at TVBC for building additional houses in Quarley. It was agreed that the VDS will
be put on hold until the inspector has looked at the Borough Local Plan and made comment on their settlement policy. 

The Parish Council discussed the recent Planning Application and Appeal submitted by Mr Simon Nelson for his site at Penton Corner. 

14/01527/CMAN - An increase in hours to start from 6am - 6pm to include Saturdays and between 6am - 1pm on Bank Holidays.
The Parish Council OBJECTED to this planning application. 

Alleged Breach : Erection of oversized replacement waste handling building, siting of double storey office building, stockpiling of materials in excess of permitted height and extension of site into the countryside without planning permission - Land at Homestead Farm, Weyhill Road, Penton Corner.

No cheques were issued at this meeting.

Cllr Mr Ben Few-Brown reported that residents of Georgia Lane are taking legal action against TVBC and HCC over the planning application for Fox Farm Woods. 

Amport Parish Council had just discussed the planning application for the Solar Farm at Lains Farm and have NO OBJECTIONS.

The Nelson lorry movements through the village were discussed at length. It was reported by one resident that while working in their garden, 30 Nelson lorries drove past in two hours.

The Chairman read out a letter received from Mrs Elisabeth Mason on the issue of lorry movements through the village. 

Mrs J Venables has reported on the state of Skew Lane particularly the section between the junction with the main Quarley/Grateley lane down to our gate the Nelson lorries (in particular) have been driving onto the verge in order to avoid overhanging branches with the result that the potholes along the field side of the lane are getting very much worse. The lorries do, broadly speaking, slow down but there are so many of them that the verge and tarmac are being eroded. 

The Parish Council discussed the issue of the Nelson Lorries at length. 

The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.

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