Minutes of theQuarley Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 25th June 2019 in Quarley Village Hall at 7.30pm

 Present: Cllr Mrs J Ferguson – Chairman
Cllr Mr W Marshall – Vice Chairman
Cllr Mrs A Thorne
Cllr Mr T Shelley
Richard Waterman – Parish Clerk
County Councillor Mrs Z Brooks
Borough Councillor Mrs M Flood
Members of the Public - 6
Apologies:Cllr Mr N Constable 

WELCOME.The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting. 

Cllr Mrs J Ferguson declared an interest in Quarley Church.

The Chairmansigned the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record. Matters arising from those minutes: -

HIGHWAYS –The Chairman reported that she had met on site with Highways to discuss the erosion on the corner of the green by the village hall. It appears that we have lost one metre of the village green due to erosion from vehicles. 

Tim Lawton at Hampshire Highways has placed an order for a white line is painted on the inside of the bend to encourage vehicles to move away from the road edge and the area behind the carriageway be backfilled to remove the low point that is puddling after rainfall. Once this has been done the area will be monitored. 

DEFIBRILLATOR - The Chairman reported that she has heard back from Quarley Village Hall regarding the siting of a Defibrillator, they have no objection subject to approval of the cabinet and that all costs must be met by the Parish Council. 

WEB SITE – The Clerk reported that the Quarley Web Site has been up-dated. 

Cheques issued in June 2019
Mc Afee                    Computer Protection      £89.00
TVBC                        Election Costs              £28.80
P Reynolds                Audit                         £120.00
Mr B Pearce              Maintenance                  £80.00




The Parish Council agreed to adopt and sign off the Accounting Statement section 2 for the year 2018/2019. Proposed by Cllr T Shelley and seconded by Cllr W Marshall. All agreed. The Chairman and Clerk signed off the Accounting Statement 2018/2019.

There were no new planning applications to discuss.

The Chairman reported that a newsletter asking residents for their views on how to spend the £10,000 received from the Solar Farm could be spent, was delivered to every property in the parish. The newsletter included a list of suggestions on projects that could be undertaken. These included:

·         A small Play Area at the back of the village green to the left of the village hall.
A Bench to be placed near to the play area.
A Defibrillator to be placed on the village hall
An illuminated Flashing Speed Sign
A Fence around the village green
Village Gateways.

The Chairman reported that the Parish Council received  33replies. The most popular projects in order of popularity were:

1.    Play Equipment
2.    Defibrillator
3.    Bench
4.    Village Gateways

The Chairman stated that Play Equipment Companies will be contacted to give quotes, this will be put before the Village Hall Trustees before being presented to the village for consideration.It was hoped that this will be achievable before the next Parish Council meeting in October. The Parish Council will also apply for grants to help fund the project; this would allow for some if not all the projects to be done out of the £10,000. 

Cllr Mrs Z Brooks has indicated that she will give a grant towards the Defibrillator and Cabinet. 

Mr and Mrs Stacey asked the Parish Council why they will not spend the money on making the Village Hall look more attractive and improving the car park? The village did not need a play area!

The Chairman explained that the Village Hall and Car Park are the responsibility of the Village Hall Trustees and not the Parish Council. The Parish Council will pass onthese comments to the Village Hall Trustees. The terms of the £10,000 grant from the Solar Farm Company is that it must be spent for the benefit of the residents of Quarley. Parish. 

The Chairman was asked if there was to be a village meeting to discuss what projects are to be undertaken? 

The Chairman stated that yes, a village meeting will be held when all the information and costings have been gathered. 

The Clerk handed out The Quarley Data Protection Policy that included a permission form that will allow the Clerk to send the minutes to them by email.

Cllr Mrs Z Brooks reported that Cllr Roy Perry has stood down as the Leader of HCC. Cllr Keith Manns is now the new leader and Cllr Humby is the Deputy leader. HCC Residents can now purchase a permit for £15 allowing 12 visits to the re-cycling centres with a van or trailer. HCC are working with the Police to try and reduce the number of motorists using their mobile telephones while driving.

Cllr Mrs Maurine Flood introduced herself and stated that with Cllr David Coole would be representing the new Anna Ward.

  • The Anna Ward is the parishes of: Abbots Ann, Anna Valley, Monxton, Amport, Grateley, Palestine and Quarley.

  •  Cllr Phil North is the new Leader of TVBC.

  • The way planning applications are to be decided is to receive a shakeup.

  • TVBC have purchased the Chantry Centre in Andover for £7.2 Million. A Master Planner has been engaged to produce plans for refurbishment and regeneration of the site.

  •  At the next full TVBC meeting a discussion on the way forward for the Borough Council is scheduled. Councillors are confident of the wat forward. TVBC are a well-run council with substantial assets.

There were no issues raised by the Parish Councillors.

It was reported that the contractor that repaired Skew Road did not take their road signs away when they finished the job. Cllr Mrs Z Brooks said she would take this on and that’s it a problem that is raised at many parish Council meetings.

The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.

22nd October 2019.

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