Minutes of the Quarley Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 22nd October2019 in Quarley Village Hall at 7.30pm

 Present: Cllr Mrs J Ferguson – Chairman
Cllr Mr W Marshall – Vice Chairman
Cllr Mr N Constable
Cllr Mr T Shelley
Richard Waterman – Parish Clerk
Borough Councillor Mrs M Flood
Members of the Public - 1

Apologies:Cllr Mrs A Thorne, Borough Councillor Mr D Coole and County Councillor Mrs Z Brooks.

WELCOME.The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.  

Cllr Mrs J Ferguson declared an interest in Quarley Church.

The Chairman signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record. Matters arising from those minutes: -

DEFIBRILLATOR - The Chairman reported that the position of the Defibrillator on the Village Hall needs to be agreed and suggested that a site meeting is held with the Trustees to confirm this. 

WEB SITE – The Clerk reported that the Quarley Web Site is up-to-date and that he had emailed the minutes and the Agenda to those on the emailing list. 

Cheques issued in October 2019
Mr B Pearce                 Grass Cutting                            £40.00
Came and Company     Parish Council Insurance          £571.94 

Quarley Parish Council have joined Hampshire County Council’s Lengthsman Scheme.

Each member Parish receives £1000 of man hours from the Lengthsman.
The Lengthsman can carry out a wide variety of jobs including: 
   1.       Hedge and footpath cutting.
   2.       Cutting back vegetation from road signs, repairing and cleaning signs.
   3.       Digging ditches and clearing gullies.
   4.       Painting bus shelters and notice boards.
The funding for the Lengthsman runs from the 1st April to 31st March.

Quarley Parish Council are the Lead Parish for an 11 Parish Cluster of Neighbouring Parishes. The Clerk does all the administration of the scheme.A grant of £11,000 has been received and the Parish Council pay the Lengthsman direct on behalf of the other Parishes. This will show in the Parish Council’s accounts as the Lengthsman Grant.
The Parish Councillors will think of jobs that need doing in the Parish and report back to the Clerk.

19/02372/TPON – Fell Native Cornus, Fell Thuja, Fell Paulownia Tomentosa and crown raise Taxus to leave 5 metre gap between trunk and thatch – Thatchway, Park Lane, Quarley – NO OBJECTION.
Cllr Mrs J Furguson declared an interest and made no comment.

19/02246/TREEN –Fell one Cherry Tree – Apple Tree Cottage, Park Lane, Quarley.

The Parish Council have met with Sovereign Play to get an idea of what could be fitted into the area agreed for possible play equipment. A computerised picture of the equipment on the site was available to view. The Play equipment and Grass mat safety flooring for this design will cost in the region of £7,500.

The parish Council will now obtain 2 further quotes, so that we have the necessary 3 quotes for a final decision. 

The Parish Council were pleasantly surprised by what could be fitted into the area, it was noted that this is not the final design but gives a good indication to the village of what the play equipment would look like. 

The Parish Council discussed funding and will be applying for funding towards the project. With careful planning the Parish Council should be able to achieve all of the Parish wish list with additional grant funding from the £10,000 Solar Farm Grant. 

The Chairman reported that she had ordered two benches for the village, the benches were on offer and a good opportunity to save money. 

The Chairman will liaise with the Parish Councillors and the Clerk to organise a Village Meeting to discuss how the £10,000 grant is spent and to present the plans for the proposed Play Area.  

The Chairman reported that one of the mirrors at the entrance to Skew Lane has been dented. It has been suggested that the mirrors are replaced with larger mirrors.

This was discussed and it was agreed to replace both mirrors with larger ones.

Cllr Mrs M Flood reported that over the next six weeks the Annual TVBC Leaf Clearance will be undertaken. It was noted that TVBC cannot compost leaves picked up from the street due to contamination.

Cllr Mrs M Flood spoke about the Andover Town Master Plan. Test Valley Borough Councils priority is to get the Chantry Centre water-tight and winter proof. There is a tremendous amount of work to do to get the basic facilities working and in good order. The Lifts, Roof and Toilets all need attention. Getting new shops to come to the Chantry Centre is one of the challenges that face the Council.

It was noted that it is not the rents that are the problem it’s the high Business Rates set by the Government. 

Cllr Mrs M Flood spoke about the SSE Resilience Plan to help the vulnerable if there is a power cut. Helen Vass from SSE gives a very good short presentation and explains how residents can sign up to the scheme.

Cllr Mrs M Flood suggested that Quarley Parish Council invite Helen Vass to their Village Meeting. The Parish Council thought this a good idea. 

CLLR MR N CONSTABLE – Reported that several of the roadside hedges between Quarley and Grateley need cutting as they are restricting the width of the road.

This was discussed and it was identified that the cutting of the hedges is the responsibility of the landowner. The Chairman will speak informally to the landowner’s concerned. 

CLLR MRS J FERGUSON – Reported that a kerb stone has been knocked out of place by a lorry in Etwall. This will be reported to Highways. 

A copy of the Wallop Flyer has been received.

The Chairman has received a letter from a parishioner stating that they knew nothing of the Solar Farm grant and were completely surprised when it was mentioned in the December 2018 minutes. 

The Chairman and the Clerk have read through the past minutes:
November 2014 – Mr David Dean from INGR Solar gave a presentation to the Parish Council at the meeting on the proposed Solar Farmand stated that a Community Grant of £10,000 would be paid to both Amport and Quarley Parish Councils if the projects gets planning permission.
January 2015 – A further presentation to the village was given by Mr David Dean – The sender of the letter was present at that meeting!
The Solar Farm Planning Application was discussed at length in April 2015.
The Solar Farm was mentioned in the following Minutes:

     July and November 2015
     January, April, July and October 2016
     January (Doubt on whether the £10,000 Grant would be paid was raised), April and September 2017
     January, June and December 2018

It was reported that the contractor that repaired Skew Road has still not take their road signs away when they finished the job. The Clerk reported that Cllr Mrs Z Brooks has been dealing with the problem and is on the case.

It was reported that the fence at Threepenny Cottage is leaning into the road. The Chairman stated that she will have a word with the owners, they might not be aware. 

The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.

21st January 2020.

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