Results of Quarley Fund Raising Questionnaire, 21 March 2006.

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Responses. Twenty seven responses were received.


Lights & Dedications. All 27 responses liked the Christmas tree and lights. Twenty five responses agreed with dedications whilst: one response was "As desired"; and the other disagreed. One comment on "Dedications" was as follows: "The idea of dedications is good but, assuming that donations are requested, the wording should allow individuals to decide how much they wish to give rather than stating a minimum amount. The Gift Aid aspect should also be addressed at the outset.

Fund Raising. Fund raising is also covered later but particular comments were:

  • Pancake Race from church and village hall on Sunday & Saturday before Shrove Tuesday.
  • Easter Egg Hunt for under 7s on ground containing electricity transformer.
  • Sponsored Bell Ring for adults and children.
  • Treasure Hunt around 4 churches by car or walks.
  • Harvest Supper Cook Book (2)Cards/Notelets inside of outside church views.
  • Roving Dinner Party.
  • Compile a Recipe Book & sell it.
  • Anyone with a particular skill, donate some of their time - say one day a year.
  • Auction of Promises.

Upkeep. Comments on the upkeep of the churchyard were as follows:

  • Sow wild flower seeds in church grounds.
  • Invite local people to help through rota on village notice board(3).
  • Light up the path in the Winter.
  • Enlist aid of voluntary agencies/historical societies.
  • A Village Work Party followed by a chili supper.

Village Hall

Inside. There were 19 responses that believed the inside of the village hall could be improved. Comments were as follows:

  • Lights are already planned to be improved.
  • Decor and soft furnishings could be improved.
  • Carpet cleaned.
  • New flooring throughout main room.
  • New chairs and tables - stacking variety.(3)
  • Toilets need improvement especially the cisterns.
  • New & better quality toilet seats.
  • Remove old telephone extension in entrance.
  • Replace blacked-out windows in kitchen

Outside. There 26 responses that believed the outside of the village hall could be improved:

  • Car park professionally laid with proper edging stones laid at the edge of the village green and round the tree.
  • A post and rail fence with stock fencing round the perimeter would provide an attractive backdrop as well as preventing livestock from straying.(2).
  • Some planting outside the village hall to break up harsh architectural lines.(9)
  • Paint door.(2)
  • Paint oil tank.
  • Bench by oak tree.(2)
  • More bulbs around hall.
  • Children’s Play Area with seats/bench.
  • Window boxes/Trees in Tubs (2).
  • New Village Hall sign.
  • Notice Board outside listing events and contact numbers.
  • Guttering/Fascia needs replacing.

Fund Raising. Suggestions were as follows:

  • Quiz Night.(2)Curry Night.Reschedule Race Evening.
  • Large Car Boot Sale/Jumble Sale.(2)
  • Barn Dance with fish & chips supper.Table Top Sale - £5 table.
  • Games Evening.Film Nights.More advertising of events through notice board.
  • Treasure/Scavenger Hunt.Hog the Limelight Scheme by the "Recreation & Heritage Department of Hampshire County Council.
  • Oktoberfest.
  • Trafalgar Dinner.
  • Youth Club/Lunch Club.
  • Line Dance.

Comments. Some comments were received as follows:

  • Proposals for change will be influenced by individual/personal choice and are unlikely to be agreed by all (or possibly even a majority); ultimately, it is up to the Trustees to decide what they wish to do and what they can afford to do.
  • Hire a guest speaker to address subject of fund raising - Tim from Selbourne Village Hall Committee.

Quarley Village - General

Ideas for Improvement. The ideas for improvement were as follows:

  • Get HCC to tarmac pull-ins down the lane.(2)
  • Flowers & Bulbs in the centre of the village.(3)
  • A seat on the footpath on Quarley Hill to enjoy views.
  • Improve footpath from Home Farm stock yard to Park Lane.Grit road near memorial in freezing weather.
  • A communal space with play area and benches.(2)
  • Low maintenance hurdles/gates by the village signs.
  • Level verge along front of church for parking.
  • Buy land behind village hall and create a communal area with duck pond.
  • Bench near telephone box.Bench near village hall.
  • Keep village tidy.(2)
  • Partnership with farmer to improve fencing around the central part and the state of the trees.
  • Remove dead and dying trees around centre of the village.
  • Removal of ivy on trees around centre of village.
  • Improve village hall exterior.

Traffic Signs/Mirrors.

  • Signs damaged and dirty.(4)
  • Slow down signs needed.(2)
  • Pedestrian/No Pavement Signs.
  • More traffic control signs on cycling days.
  • Missing arm on finger post near Lanes Farm repaired.(2)
  • Slow Down signs illuminated

Money Towards Improvement. Ten responses did not think such expenditure appropriate whilst eleven responses did. Comments regarding using money from fund raising events - such as the barbecue and fete - towards general village improvements were as follows:

  • OK in principle but decide each case on merit.
  • Only if there was a specific and popular scheme.
  • Most important areas for improvement/maintenance are the church and village hall.

Comments. General comments were:

  • Risk of urbanisation.
  • Efforts should be concentrated on the centre of the village.
  • Prefer no neon lights.
  • Mirrors good but avoid traffic signs.
  • Mirrors and bus shelter excellent.
  • Any traffic calming measures most probably impractical as we need to take account of the width of agricultural vehicles.
  • Cost of improving trees around village centre could be offset by selling the chipped wood to villagers.
  • Village looks nice.


Village Fete. Twenty three responses supported a village fete

  • Fete need not be elaborate.
  • Could include: flower show, fruit and vegetable show, local produce, fun sports and dog show.

Biennial Fete. Twenty three responses supported the principle of a biennial fete. Remarks were as follows:

  • Annual would be nice but appreciate amount of work involved.
  • Fete better every year and more people attend fete than barbecue

Format of Barbecue. Twenty three responses liked the format of the village barbecue.

  • Pricing structure needs to be right.
  • Some villagers thought that they had to pay to attend whilst, in fact, the charge is for the food.
  • Too many outsiders attend - not the same

Format of Harvest Supper. Twenty four responses liked the format of the harvest supper.

  • Format will change over years as new ideas are tested.
  • Too many outsiders now attend.
  • Should not have dancing

Help with Events. Sixteen responses indicated that they could help with fund-raising and village events. Comments were as follows:

  • Used to get involved but not now as we were used and never thanked.

Ideas for Fund-Raising. Ideas were as follows:

  • Open gardens followed by tea in village hall (like Monxton).
  • Get "Time Team" in to excavate lumps & bumps.100 club.
  • Advertise use of village hall more for events ie Auctions.
  • A benefice lottery.
  • A mid-summer picnic on Quarley Hill - bring picnic and wine.
  • Donate a bottle of wine and have a "wine wall" auction.
  • Buy plants and then auction them off for planting around the village.
  • Fuel syndicate.

Fund-Raising. General comments were as follows:

  • We should not be despondent if profits are not huge as our aim should be to have a social as well as a fund-raising event.
  • If the village does not support events such as the "Race Night", it may be necessary to do a fete more frequently to raise the necessary funds for the village ie fall back on old ideas.

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